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The Real Grey Man Theory: Pt 1

The Real Grey Man Theory: Pt 1

In part one of Bone Tactical’s Grey Man Theory series, Greg Tambone disillusions viewers on what it truly means to Go Grey. Many content creators unknowingly spread disinformation about Grey Man Theory, often getting the fundamentals completely wrong. “Going 
Grey” is not about wearing your tactical gear out in public. It is not simply blending into your environment and being invisible. It is about convincing those around you that you really are whatever it is you want them to think you are. This requires a broad set of skills which allow you to influence the perceptions of others in your vicinity. Greg gives the example of having a military style backpack in the airport. This will give the impression that you are indeed in the military or perhaps part of the police, and will in some countries make your trip through TSA easier.

Another example which will run counter to what you might have thought Grey Man theory was is dressing up as a tourist and visiting a country where you do not look like the locals. Greg is a large white man, which narrows his options when implementing Grey Man Theory in a place like Honduras. He will be noticed by everyone in the vicinity, just being a “big gringo”. By playing the role of a tourist on holiday, locals will not likely see him as a target. This is paradoxical to what others online teach, as Greg is not always interested in disappearing into crowds. Had he simply donned either very plain clothes or some tactical outfit like others online will advise, he could have drawn the wrong kind of attention to himself. This is especially true in a place like Central America, where he’d likely have set off some alarm bells (think DEA)  if he wore those items. “Tactical” clothing items indicate a likelihood that you’re carrying a weapon, which will make you a target.

Wherever you go, the way you look will affect others’ perceptions of you. This means you must have knowledge of the area you are going ahead of time. What are the common cultural practices? Ask yourself what role you will fit, i.e. tourist, fisherman, red cross employee, etc. These are the questions Mr. Tambone asks himself when he applies Gray Man Theory, and it is his expertise on the matter which allowed him to swiftly evade various authorities that tracked him all over the world.


Article by Dion Roloff


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