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Exotic 4x4

Our mission is to build exotic vehicles that cut through some of the most exotic, untouched, unknown, and incredible destinations in the Americas. Our fleet of vehicles are capable of traversing terrain no other overland expedition vehicles in our primary areas of operation can traverse.

Our guides are all experienced off-road enthusiasts extremely knowledgeable to these areas.While we have vehicles in the United States, we recommend touring with us in areas where we are the only available off-road guide service. Pricing depends on the level of luxury and assistance desired as well as the length and difficulty of the journey.

Past Expeditions

Yojoa Lake, Honduras ​

Trail riding through the mountains of Yojoa on our expedition vehicles, and exploring the surrounding lake and coffee plantations.

Beaches of Tela

Tela has some of the nicest beaches on the Atlantic/Caribbean coast of Honduras. Many of which are only accessible by 4x4 vehicle or boat

Corredero's Cabins

Rustic accommodations, peace, and relaxation. Explored a mountainside lodging and its river in our expedition vehicles.

Ruins of La Mosquitia

The second largest expanse of virgin and largely unexplored rainforest in all the America's, even our capable vehicles can only get you part of the way.

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