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Greg Tambone Bio

Gregory Isaac Tambone is an American philanthropist and entrepreneur who’s history and travels have become rife with controversy. Public records concerning Mr. Tambone are both limited and conflicting, but we’ve managed to formulate a compilation of the following facts: Gregory garnered international attention in early 2016 when he became the subject of a multinational manhunt, remaining a wanted fugitive seeking political asylum for several years.

Repeated failed attempts at negotiating his return to the United States led him to arrange his surrender without terms (*Joshua Baron, Esq.). After his surrender he was imprisoned in Honduras, El Salvador, and Spain, followed by an Interpol Washington led Joint Task Force extradition from a maximum security prison in Germany (*Joshua Baron, Esq., Prisoner's booking number: 486/18, Detention Room: C107, Court of jurisdiction: AG NBG, Nuremburg, Germany, File Number 57 Gs 1/18, US Marshals: Derryl Spencer, Brittany Dean, and Steve Douglas, INTERPOL Washington Notice of Warrant: 20180205651/KXD).

A "backroom deal" was reached later that year between Mr. Tambone, one of his attorneys, and the Justice Department, granting him his freedom (*Joshua Baron, Esquire). The specific details of the deal have since been highly debated, but he immediately went from being accused of crimes punishable by life in prison, to being cleared of all suspicions.

Greg is also known for his various outreach programs. The first non-profit organization he started, Warrior Adventures Inc., was geared toward disabled military veterans and those suffering PTSD (*State of Alabama RES716517). After years of harassment, forfeitures, assassination attempts, and closures Mr. Tambone relocated his philanthropic efforts to Honduras where he partnered with a local church to start a program feeding and educating impoverished children. He is no longer a fugitive or political prisoner and again manages his businesses while traveling freely between the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Early life and career up to 2013:
Gregory Isaac Tambone was born in Naples, Florida on 28, December 1986 to a couple of blue-collar origin. His father Robert worked for a farmer in nearby rural Immokolee and his mother Susan was an unemployed hairdresser. As a child, he grew up in a quaint rural home in Golden Gate. His parents, recently having moved from Pennsylvania in search of opportunity and a new start, struggled financially and in the raising of young Gregory. Tambone was an unruly pupil and was expelled from a Christian school in the 3rd grade over a game of Monopoly that came to blows. Greg then went from public schools in Naples to a private military school in Mexico, Missouri (Missouri Military Academy). He became labeled as an above average IQ teen with athletic prowess and behavioral issues. His parents gave him up to become property of the State of Florida at 15 and He was raised in a Sunshine Youth Services home for violent troubled youth. The State institution has now been shut down after repeated cases of abuse. He was returned to the custody of his parents in 2003 and entered the public school system again as a sophomore, only to drop out and get his GED.  Little is known about the controversial next several years of Mr. Tambone’s life.
What we do know is that he was arrested for Aggravated Battery after shooting a man in 2005 (*2005012766 7/27/2005 AGG BATTERY CAUSE BODILY HARM / DISABILITY). According to police and eyewitness reports, he was chased down and ran off the road by two carloads of armed men where a gunfight ensued at a gas station. There was surveillance footage of the event, but it was lost/damaged by the investigating authorities. This was the first clear assassination attempt of Mr. Tambone.

He accepted a plea bargain deal pleading no contest that ended with his spending a little less than a year in jail followed by five years parole. He later completed his parole via early termination while in college. Mr. Tambone's attorney has stated that although this was clearly a case of self-defense, self-defense with a firearm was not an option to him due to his age at the time (18), and advised him to take a plea deal despite his technical innocence (*Edwin T. Mulock, Esq.).

While in jail he received another Agg. Batt. charge. This charge was later dropped due to overwhelming evidence of self-defense, when it became clear that this was another assassination attempt by the same criminal organization (*2005012766 8/31/2005 AGG BATTERY CAUSE BODILY HARM / DISABILITY). According to police reports an altercation took place between Tambone and several fellow prisoners involving "homemade weapons". Gregory survived the altercation. Surveillance footage of the event was again somehow lost/damaged by the investigating authorities. At least one of the attackers suffered permanent disfigurement, yet all refused to comment or testify.

Little is known about his life, livelihood, or whereabouts from 2005-2010. What we do know is that he traveled a lot, worked as some type of bodyguard/private security contractor, fought in various kickboxing organizations (ISKA/IKF), and had a brief rodeo career. In 2010 he went to the University of North Alabama where he joined the football team as a “walk-on”, becoming the first violent convicted felon of this caliber ever to play NCAA football. He then graduated in three years with a degree in Exercise Science (HPER).
In 2011 he was arrested for a third felony charge approximately six months after a bar fight at The Beach Club on Siesta Key FL in which several men were severely injured and hospitalized after attacking him (*2011011032 8/24/2011 OUT OF COUNTY WARRANT-FEL CAPIAS FELONY BATTERY). Charges were also again dropped upon further investigation, again due to overwhelming evidence of self-defense, but the resulting arrest and jail time ended his football career (*Matt White, Esq., Coach Terry Bowden). After college football, he went on to work at the University of Utah as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for their football program, becoming the only violent convicted felon to ever work as an NCAA Strength & Conditioning Coach.

From College Football Coach to International Fugitive (2014-2018):
In 2015 Tambone was accused of the rape of a patron at a club where he was moonlighting as a bouncer. Upon immediate investigation by local police (*Salt Lake City Police Detective Davis (801) 799-3737), the woman in which he had sex with in a private area of the club, showed no signs of a violent encounter (according to Search Warrant No. 1379694)and eventually recanted her allegations (Salt Lake City Case 15-158982 (801) 799-3000).

Charges were not filed at that time. It was later discovered that the woman who was married and Mormon, made the claim in hopes of remaining a part of the LDS church, and to try and save her marriage (*Kelly Madsen, Private Investigator, Salt Lake City, Utah). Almost a year later, in 2016, charges were filed against Mr. Tambone despite the lack of any evidence against him (*Case: 161904414). It remains unknown whether this was a legitimate mistake on behalf of the State of Utah, or conscious negligence and ill will towards Tambone. No attempts at restitution for Gregory were made.
Several months later, Mr. Tambone resigned from the University of Utah and began working full time at his private security contracting and consulting company, Bone Tactical ( He also started making knives and self-defense tools on a larger production scale, and available for sale to the general public (originally only available to US Military Special Forces).

He was working overseas in 2016 when Interpol Washington decided to issue warrants and organize an international manhunt for Tambone (*INTERPOL Washington 20180205651/KXD)Gregory began attempting to open lines of communication with individuals in the Justice Department through his attorneys in regards to his civil, human, and Constitiutional rights being violated (*Sky Lazaro, Esq., Joshua Baron, Esq.).

For the next two years Mr. Tambone's attorneys continued to seek justice, while Greg himself went as far as to post open letters to the President in online forums (* ). His attorneys and private investigators had overwhelming proof of his innocence, but the officials involved with the case refused to look at any documents, open any form of discussion, or do any investigating. There was never evidence against Mr. Tambone in regards to his involvement in any crimes.
In 2017 Mr. Tambone started a social media campaign to share his story and his fight for freedom. According to him, he believed speaking publicly against the government corruption, specifically in the state of Utah, would be his best hope at Justice. The previously very private and elusive man became very active and outspoken on such platforms as Instagram and YouTube.

He states that along with his lawyers he arranged for his surrender in Germany but was captured and interrogated several times and in several nations on the way. Once arriving in Germany he spent only a few days there before being arrested held under a false name. (* Gefangenenbuchnummer: 486/18 Haftraum: C107 Zuständiges Gericht: AG NBG Aktenzeichen Geschäftsnummer 57 Gs 1/18).

After 48 days in German prison, barred from contacting the outside world he was extradited to the United States by a team of US Marshalls (*Derryl Spencer, Brittany Dean, and Steve Douglas). Upon his return to the US, Mr. Tambone and his attorneys began to prepare for trial. Later, the key witness in the case for the defense (Jared Walsh) was found dead in his Salt Lake City his apartment.

Tambone states that warrants signed without probable cause, illegal searches and seizures, international off-the-books manhunts, torture/detention in foreign prisons, and friends/witnesses turning up dead lead him to take a plea deal with the State of Utah in which the Rape charge was dropped and replaced with a misdemeanor, granting him freedom.

His kill/capture video was posted on YouTube around the time of his controversial detention in Germany (as he was believed to be dead at this time) and went "viral”, but has since disappeared from the internet.

Shortly after his first 2018 wrongful arrest, a defamation campaign was started against Mr. Tambone, and you can now find many conflicting stories and "fake news" articles. After the rape charges were dropped in 2018 he was unlawfully arrested again at the Atlanta airport by another team of US Marshals and Customs and Border Protection agents (Officer McCants , Officer Arsdorff CBP), this arrest was also later covered up and wiped from all official records. There are still websites and fabricated news reports dedicated to the defamation of Greg Tambone at this time, yet it is unknown as to who is funding and/or overseeing the defamation campaign.
Humanitarian Aid Efforts & Philanthropy:
Mr. Tambone initiated Warrior Adventures Inc. in 2013 (*State of Alabama RES716517). He proceeded to take disabled veterans and those suffering PTSD on guided camping, hunting, fishing, and overland expedition trips until 2016 when he says pressure from law enforcement and various rogue government agencies prevented his continuation. His homes and businesses were raided, his tools and equipment seized/stolen, and his loved ones harassed (*according to eyewitness statements in both Florence, Alabama and Bradenton, Florida).

At the point which his family home was assaulted by local law enforcement without a warrant he decided to permanently move his charity efforts overseas as well. It is still unclear who is responsible for the illegal assaults, searches, and seizures, or how they were sanctioned. Mr. Tambone maintains that he will continue to do everything within his legal means to seek reparations. He now helps build roads, schools, and bridges in Central America while managing mentorship programs and caring for impoverished youth.

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