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Our tools began long ago as ideas, based in necessity, and born in non-permissive environments. Originally drafted with advanced engineering software then created as a handmade prototype, the blades you see now are the final evolution of our rigorous R&D process. The final pieces of incredibly functional art that have now stood the test of time. Each custom knife is produced from the highest quality alloy available for it’s intended purpose. Every surface is individually ground, chamfered, sanded, and inspected right here in our own blacksmith shop. After many long hours of working the alloy to the proper tolerances, each blade is carefully inspected. If the blade is worthy, it’s marked with the letters “BONE”. If found lacking, the knife is destroyed, and we start over. We heat treat each knife one by one, with strict temperature regulation and adherence to a scientific formula that allows us to wring an incredible amount of strength, edge retention, and durability from every blade. We then temper each blade down to the proper hardness and test it again. If the knives pass the metallurgy testing they are then sandblasted and treated or coated to make them weatherproof and fully resistant to the elements. Once the knives have gone through surface treatment, we make exotic material handles custom fitted for each and secured with both heavy duty bronze rivets and two-ton epoxy (or a 550 cord wrap). We make a custom thermoplastic sheath for each, and then put a final edge on the blade before inspecting a third time, applying anti-corrosion grease, and packaging the knife to be available for sale. If the knife will not cut hair it gets scrapped, shaving sharp guaranteed. For a behind the scenes look on the full process of how we create the most effective edged weapons in the world, follow along on our various social media accounts.    

Edged Weapon Care

It is essential that you keep any blade clean and dry. We recommend cleaning with hot soapy water followed by thoroughly drying your blade. Blades can be stored for extended periods of time in kydex sheaths, but not cloth or leather. Do not store your blade in a cloth or leather sheath. Maintenance is as simple as wiping down the cutting edge with a light coat of oil after cleaning. If you are carrying your blade primarily as a self-defense tool we recommend not using it for anything else, this prevents the need for re-sharpening to maintain the edge our knives are known for. Should you choose to use a Bone Tactical custom knife regularly, it will survive a lifetime of re-sharpening as needed without chipping or cracking (used properly). Knives are not meant to be used as a screwdriver, chisel, or punch. Knives are not meant to cut other metal objects. The sharpened face of our tomahawks is designed to cut soft materials, and the rear spike for penetrating hard objects. Our weapons are designed to be used as a force multiplier and an extension of the body. Throwing a weapon is never a good idea in a fight, our tools and weapons are not designed to be thrown. Please keep the intended purpose of your edged weapon in mind during use and maintenance.


As you use your blade it will eventually need sharpening. Sharpen it. We recommend a fine grit diamond stone for the light sharpening your blade will require after heavy use. Wet stones and ceramic sharpeners are another alternative. The ability to properly maintain a blade through sharpening is an important skill to possess for those who choose to carry a knife. Practice often. Never use power tools to sharpen your blade. It is crucial that you maintain the angle your blade came with during the sharpening process, failure to maintain the same (proper) angle while sharpening your blade could ruin it.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We warrant to the original owner that this knife will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. We will, without charge, repair or replace, at our option, any blade that we find to be defective. This warranty does not cover normal wear, re-sharpening, or re-profiling of the blade due to damage incurred by neglect, misuse, or failure to perform normal and necessary maintenance.

Knife Laws

It's your responsibility to know your local laws before you carry or use a blade.                   

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