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Our Story

Our product development, and everything else we do for that matter, begins with the owner and founder of Bone Tactical: Col. Gregory Isaac Tambone. Greg originally began producing weapons, tools, and accessories for use on global high risk security teams, with elite military units, and for select individuals in the non-permissive environment specialist community over a decade ago.

The extreme demand for the exceptional custom tactical equipment that Mr. Tambone was making for elite operators led him to build his own production facility. The associated increase in production allowed us to open sales to the general public, raising the market standard for hard use tools and gear. Our designs continue to be generated from experience-based knowledge, continuously evolving in parallel with the dangers faced in our modern world.

Our core products are designed to save lives... Each and every heirloom quality piece of functional art that we produce is a direct representation of our cheating death lifestyle and staying one step ahead of our enemies through violent implementation of tactics and subterfuge.

Since many of our blades and tools were originally designed for professional use, they often begin based off the needs of said professionals via reports from the field. Our first priority was to fill the need of modern military and first responders for stronger, more effective, and more versatile hardware that they could bet their life on with undying confidence.

Our staggering success in the development and production of superior edged weapons lead us to expand our horizons by looking into self-defense tools for civilian needs.

Bone Tactical covert textile goods (now forever associated with Greg's teachings on “The Real Greyman Theory”), have ushered in a new era of potency for the clandestine operator. The hard use and high-performance outerwear you'll find available here in our store also provides a new level of protection and efficiency to the modern warrior.

We are continually developing new and exciting lifesaving products on a daily basis. When we receive feedback that a defender of the weak or a protector of the innocent has an equipment need in their fight to keep evil at bay, we begin generating solutions. Once items are identified as lacking for various mission specific roles, or for certain niche areas of civilian carry, we come up with several prototype designs for each category. Only after extensive evaluation for combat effectiveness, modularity, ease of use, and secondary capabilities does a Bone Tactical
product enter small batch production.

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