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Survival, Escape, & Evasion PT 2: Lessons From An International Fugitive

Survival, Escape, & Evasion PT 2: Lessons From An International Fugitive

Synopsis for Survival Escape & Evasion Pt. 2: Lessons from an International Fugitive

In part two of Greg Tambone’s video series on Survival, Escape, and Evasion, he goes deeper into the techniques he used to get out of the U.S. while being hunted by government-backed rogue factions. Reiterating a few things from his first video, we are given a clear reminder about the importance of changing the people, places, and things in your daily life. More specifically, should the necessity of an off-grid scenario arise for you, you must discontinue your routines of interacting with the same people, going to your usual places, and using your typical items such as a cell phone or vehicle.

In fact, before any such scenario happens, you already ought to have had several items in place, and done a few key things. For starters, you should have a trusted contact, like Greg did, who is like-minded and with whom you can share information. Like all the skills being taught in the Survival, Escape, and Evasion series, it is important to develop this relationship now, while you have the time.

In addition to reliable contacts, you should also be acquiring certain items such as foreign sim cards and burner phones. These things can be mailed to your contact and ought to be discarded after a single use. Disinformation plays a key role in evading the person or group of people employing their resources trying to hunt you down. As Mr. Tambone explains, there needs to be multiple layers of obfuscation between you and those tracking you. This means that the sim cards you use need to be bought by someone who doesn’t know you personally. Your burner phones need to be paid for with cash, or perhaps a WallMart cash card. When communicating real information, use end-to-end encrypted software such as WhatsApp. While WhatsApp is far from perfect, it would cost a significant amount of money for the people tracking you to hack your message exchanges. Additionally, burner email accounts set up beforehand will be useful.

When it comes to money, you will need some source of it not involving electronic transactions. This is why you must keep some cash in a bug out bag, as well as on your person using a concealment method such as the traveler’s money belt. However, your best option is to barter with tools or services. For example, Greg was able to work just about anywhere because his skillset allowed him to do so. He also creates high-quality weapons which are of great value to other people. Think about what your particular skill set is and try to think of ways you could barter with that for things you may need in the future.

Regarding food and water, you must have these things every single day to be performing well. Your two options for water are to either know clean water sources around you or you carry water or water purification items with you in your bug out back. For food, you should know how to hunt and know how to fish. Like everything, have a plan for acquiring food and water before you need to go off-grid.

It is imperative you carry medical equipment, but it is more important to have at least some basic medical training. It’s also handy to know where your nearest veterinary clinic is. Very often, hospitals are tracked, therefore you should avoid them. In a SHTF scenario, pharmacies will be hit very hard, so stock up on any and all medical supplies you will personally need before you can’t get such items as easily.

To wrap up part two, Greg reiterates the need to hide items on your person. He mentions carrying a pair of handcuff keys, a shim for handcuffs, and a basic lock-picking kit, should you need to get yourself out of such restraint devices.

Like all the skills and techniques taught in part one and part two of the Survival, Escape, and Evasion series, everything must be thoroughly practiced at home, safely, before the need to use these skills in real life arises. Because if you need the skills and you haven’t practiced them, it will be far too late.


Article by Dion Roloff

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