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Slumberjack Gear Strider Backpack

Slumberjack Gear Strider Backpack

Overview: This SJK Strider pack is Kryptek camo in a tropical colorway of light greens. The pockets are fair sized for an EDC bag, and the main compartment has enough depth and breadth for most daily items. The MOLLE slots are a bit limited, but the pack doesn’t seem to be designed as something you’d want to have for long term travel. I would like to see some additional padding at key stress points on the straps, but for a quick EDC bag it’s very comfortable. While the back support is somewhat sufficient, I would like to see it be a sturdier material. It’s rather flimsy and some of the items I put in the bag, while not puncturing the material, poked through the bag making it very uncomfortable. It also doesn’t provide much in the way of support like an internal frame, the sewn in integral support seems to be more to hold the shape of the bag. The look was great, but the camouflage patterns have hard edges, making it harder to blend into environments (catches the eye easier). It seems like the camo is more for aesthetics than usefulness in a field environment. On the trips I’ve taken it on, the bag was very useful in getting all the items I needed to transport from one place to another. I loved the open main pocket that runs the entire length of the bag with no separation pockets. I find this to be much more useful for my EDC needs. Yes, this does make it difficult to retrieve an item from the bottom should the occasion arise, but the zippers draw down far enough, and if you’re smart enough to pack commonly used items towards the top, items can be easily accessed when needed. The exterior pockets are somewhat small, but they did provide a great shooting platform between the two exterior pockets for my 16 inch barrel on my AR 15. My bolt action Ruger 7.62 long barrel fit well in there as well without causing deflection of the barrel, even as I put various items in the pockets (within reason of course). The only real complaint I have is the fact that the straps are not adjustable at the top of the pack. I’m of average build, but when I put on a lot of gear or a combat load for shooting\hunting exercises, it would be nice to be able to adjust the straps at the top. Other than that, I highly recommend this pack as an EDC\72 hour bag.

Look - 9 out of 10; very stylish with decent looking camo and color options.
Comfort - 7 out of 10; Fits good on the back but the padded straps are sewn in at the top, making it impossible to adjust for those with a broader shoulder base. In addition, the back support plate is ok, but with certain equipment loaded in it, there is a lot of pressure on the back. Fit - 9 out of 10; Other than the afore mentioned straps, it’s pretty comfortable. The straps have a small amount of padding that is a consistent the length of the strap.
Durability - 10 out of 10; I have used the bag for months for various things from photo shoots to some small hiking trips and even moving from my old place, and the straps show no sign of wear, the material hasn’t shown any signs of ripping or tearing, the color of the camo hasn’t faded and other than the Velcro portion on the front it looks brand new still. The Velcro portion only looks older because of the normal wear and tear of usage.
Weight - 10 out of 10; The pack is fairly light, making it ideal as a EDC bag. Keep in mind this is ideal for a 72-hour (tops) type trip
Pros: Light weight, durable material, perfect for small trips or recon missions.
Cons: Straps have limited padding, camo isn’t very effective, can be uncomfortable in some cases due to the weak support from the back plate depending on what you have in the pack
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10 bones
Specs (from site):
Torso: One Size Fits All
Volume: 1,602 cubic inches
Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz
Height: 21"
Width: 14"
Depth: 10"
Two front zippered pockets with internal organization for field gear or personal items
Proprietary compression carry system (CCS) easily adapts to carry bipods, trekking poles and other gear
Low profile twin side pockets provide easy access to frequently used items
Removable webbing waist belt
PALS webbing provides multiple attachment points for accessories
Hydration compatible
HDPE Framesheet and padded shoulder straps create a comfortable and versatile everyday pack
-MSG Tom Porritt
US Army Ret.



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