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Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry bag

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry bag


    When it comes to the design of a basic dry bag, there’s not a whole lot of inter-manufacturer variation. However, the Sea 2 Summit Hydraulic dry bag proves to be a cut above the rest in the areas of: quality of material, quality of construction, and apparent attention to detail throughout the design and production process.
    The quality of a dry bag can be extremely important, for reasons that are probably obvious to most people who have used one. Whether on the water or trail, during camping trips or expeditions, a dry bag often contains the most expensive and/or most important gear. Sensitive electronics, consumables, medical equipment, or survival equipment in a compromised dry bag could cost you anything from your hard earned money via damaged contents, to your life in extreme survival situations. In our personal experience, we have found most dry bag failures to occur in one of two major ways. Both include either a rip, puncture, hole, laceration or tear in the bag itself. The first type of malfunction usually occurs due to lack of material durability. Durability issues seem to manifest themselves when either the material is simply too thin to begin with, or becomes prematurely dry rotted from age and UV exposure. The second failure we’ve seen is usually with dry bags that contain an air release nozzle or unnecessary handles and attachment points. These extra features tend to get caught on things as the bag is moved around, become a point of increased wear, and cause separation of the material. The S2S Hydraulic dry bag is sleek and streamlined with nothing extra or unnecessary hanging off that can get snagged or hung up. It’s also made from thick, durable TPU laminated material. Thick enough to protect against rips and tears yet still allowing flexibility of the overall size and shape of the bag. This balance of durability and flexibility ensures the bag won’t take up unnecessary space when storage area is limited which is often the case on maritime vessels. The few attachment points are minimalist, light, and strong. Heavily stitched and also themselves made out of durable and flexible Hypalon material. The top lips are also thick and reinforced molded TPS. The buckles are high quality plastic and field replaceable.
     In approximately 6 months of testing we’ve noticed no breakdown of the material or components of the bag. We’ve carried our camera equipment in this bag, inside of a main pack on extended backpacking trips with excellent results. We’ve also carried this bag by itself on boat trips with similarly excellent results. The only thing even close to a negative we could say about the Hydraulic dry bag is that it doesn’t come with any shoulder straps for backpack carry. We fashioned some out of paracord that work fine. We recommend this particular line of dry bags to anyone who needs a heavy duty dry bag they can trust.
Pros: Durable, well-made, simple and streamlined design.
Cons: Does not include any type of carry straps.
Rating: 9 out of 10 Bones.

  • TPU laminated Super Heavy Duty Waterproof Fabric
  • Non wicking TPU roll top closure with mated profile – Secure and waterproof
  • Welded Construction for permanently sealed seams
  • Durable UV resistant PVC free fabric withstands cold temperatures
  • High performance Abrasion resistant fabric
  • Oval Base to resist rolling.
  • Low Profile streamlined space saving shape and easy stackability
  • Lash Loops for secure attachment
  • Field replaceable side release buckle

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