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High Roller Machete

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    Machetes have been the gold standard EDC tool in Latin America and the Caribbean for nearly 200 years. In fact, during the Cuban revolution tens of thousands of seasoned Spanish rifleman could not defeat the Cuban rebels who relied mostly on guerilla tactics and were often armed with only a machete. They are used for everything from daily survival and bushcraft tasks to agricultural farm work. Modified versions have since proven devastatingly effective in both jungle warfare and close quarters combat. Our version, the “High Roller Machete” most closely resembles the “cola de gallo”, a modified machete we first encountered in Central America where both sicarios and bodyguards often modify their machete for better effectiveness as a CQB tool.

     In Latin America, you can often tell the experience level and even pay rate of a security professional based off his machete alone. If it’s modified for speed and precision striking, well-kept in an intricately detailed handmade leather sheath, and worn for quick access, then they are the most likely top of their class.

    What separates the Bone Tactical High Roller Fighting Machete from the rest of the pack is the materials, construction, fit, finish, metallurgy science, and attention to detail.  Where the standard or modified fighting machete now in use all around the globe lacks in quality material and workmanship, we bring our blacksmithing skills and high-end custom knife shop resources to the table to make the most effective machete available on the market today.

    Top quality steel professionally heat treated in house, exotic hand-carved hardwood handles with custom bronze rivets and two-ton epoxy, hand tooled top grade leather sheathes in our proprietary design for quick access and easy carry, and an awe inspiring faux 24 karat gold finish…. the finest machete on the planet is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it strikes your fancy, and you’re lucky enough to drop by the website when once is in stock… the High Roller Fighting Machete is for you.

High Roller Fighting Machete Specs:

Total Package Weight (knife and sheath):  Approx. 3 lbs.

Total Package OAL (knife and sheath): Approx 28".

Total Package Max Width (knife and sheath): Approx 6"

Minimum Blade Length (cutting edge): 19"

Minimum Blade Width: Approx 1.4"

Blade thickness: Approx .137”

Blade Steel: Approx. 60 HRC CPM MagnaCut Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Rare Old Growth Purple Heart Wood

Finish: Faux 24k Gold polymer resin

Sheath: Hand tooled and hand selected leather with solid bronze accessories. Belt loop and carrying strap included.

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