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Bonedurantium Ghost Spike

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Introducing the Bonedurantium Ghost Spike, a Bone Tactical original crafted from years of honing tools for clandestine operations. Born to fill a void in the market for a truly effective NPE penetration device, this untraceable, virtually undetectable, non-metallic, and lightweight penetration device stands ready for any mission.

Crafted from Bonedurantium, a High Pressure Thermoset Fiberglass and Kevlar reinforced Composite Laminate exclusive to Bone Tactical LLC, this spike boasts unrivaled toughness and strength among non-metallic materials.

Completely devoid of logos or insignia, and with no customer information shared or serialization present, the Ghost Spike remains untraceable and unlinked to its user. Resistant to fingerprint testing and undetectable by metal detectors due to its metal-free construction, it ensures covert operations stay covert.

The Bonedurantium Ghost Spike features a thermoplastic sheath and a nylon paracord lanyard with a plastic pressure release barrel snap for safety. Versatile attachment options include 1/4" holes in the sheath for clip option modularity or secure taping and strapping for concealed carry. We recommend purchasing the Non-Magnetic IWB Clip available for purchase separately here on the site should one choose to carry inside the waistband.

Built to withstand the elements without rusting, warping, or deterioration over time, the Ghost Spike is an ideal companion for bug-out bags, maritime ops, and discreet storage in emergency situations.

Hardy, basic, and durable. This is a penetration device, it’s not a knife and not made for cutting. It will survive a lifetime of normal use with no maintenance whatsoever! The dagger style grip design provides secure purchase even in extreme conditions. The Spike comes ready to be worn concealed around the neck on the provided lanyard.


Total Weight w/ Sheath: approximately 4 oz.

Total Weight without Sheath: approximately 3 oz.

Total Length: approximately 8 inches without sheath

Max. width: 2 inches

Necklace total length: 31"

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