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Bone Destroyer

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Considering a “tactical folding knife” a great option in a self-defense situation has been understood by those in the know to be a potentially grave error… at least until now. The Bone Destroyer brings to the market a fresh take on pocket carry EDC (everyday carry). A showroom quality friction folder that excels at everyday cutting tasks but, more importantly, is an extremely effective force multiplier BEFORE it’s even opened!

When a life or death situation arises, it's not recommended to bet your life on fine motor skills or finnicky folding knife mechanisms. The Bone Destroyer solves this problem by riding securely clipped at the ready until needed and doesn’t need to be opened or otherwise manipulated to be used as an emergency tool. Simple, innate, and effective. Even with adrenaline kicking and the sympathetic nervous system at full control... just grab and smash!

Completely hand made and 100% in-house constructed. Greg’s newest publicly introduced model for 2024 brings modern relevance to the time proven friction folding knife through innovative design and our famous attention to detail. Over-engineered and overbuilt in classic Bone Tactical style. Each detail individually hand-tooled, fit, and finished entirely out of the highest quality high performance steels available today. This knife will stand up to generations of hard use while remaining an heirloom quality collectors item for decades.

The overall style is "battle worn" as the finish of the knife itself features a beautiful turn of the century combat arms look from tip to clip. The 304 stainless steel handle is shot peened and stonewashed. All the mild steel pins hammered to a battered perfection. The 1095 pocket clip is stonewashed following heat treat and temper. After the Bone Tactical Super Steel blade is coated with our dark patina polymer coating we carefully rough it up a bit and apply a clear ceramic secondary coating to maintain the distressed look. Since each Bone Destroyer is individually hand made from start to finish, this means each and every one will be slightly different. Like all our custom blades they come with a certificate of authenticity specifying the materials, lot number, and production date. 


Total Weight: 8 oz.

Minimum Open Length: 8.5"

Minimum Length Closed: 5.5"

Max Width: 2.9"

Minimum Blade Length (cutting edge) : 3.5"

Blade Steel: approx. 61 HRC Bone Tactical Super Steel

Finish: Distressed dark patina polymer basecoat with clear ceramic top coat

Handle Material: Shot Peened & Stonewashed 304 Stainless Steel

Presentation: Wrapped in Bone Tactical Shemagh

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