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Bone Neoteric Gladius (Modern Warfare Fixed Blade Knife)

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The Bone Neoteric Gladius is Greg’s modern combat adaptation of the Gladius Hispaniensis, or “Spanish Sword”. The Gladius was the right arm of one of the world’s finest fighting forces for the nearly 200 years leading up to the birth of Christ. Interestingly enough, the Romans did not design this sword themselves, but rather adopted the design from a group of mercenaries they encountered in battle. At that time (over 2,000 years ago) the Roman Army relied on superior experience and training in hand to hand combat to maintain their world dominance. However, upon encountering these Iberian mercenaries in what is now Spain, they realized that they no longer had the best weapons on the battlefield. This ability to integrate better weapons into their training and quickly equip their forces with superior technology was another leading factor in what allowed them to be a so effective in combat. Likewise, the modern warrior needs to be able to adapt to the constantly changing world of modern combat in order to be effective and even to stay alive. 

Our version of the Gladius was also specifically designed to be the best possible edged weapon for the modern warfighter. Like the Gladius of old ours cuts, slashes, stabs, and parries with ease. This Gladius, razor sharp like you’ve come to expect from all our custom knives, sports a dagger point for stabbing, a straight edge for utility work, and a re-curve edge for slashing. Because the blade is no longer a primary weapon in modern combat, the Bone Gladius is small and light enough to carry as a backup, with a modular sheath that can be worn or attached in a variety of methods.

We integrated the time-proven hilt design of a ring pommel combined with a full fighting knife guard. Together, these features allow for an incredibly secure purchase in forward, reverse, and karambit style hand grip positions. The pommel hole is approximately 1" internal diameter. This allows most people to use the ring pommel as an index finger loop, even with gloves on.

The handmade sheath comes standard with many original Bone Tactical features such as our signature thermoplastic, fully removable, double belt loop (which keeps the knife from flopping around when attached to a belt). It’s also fully “jumpable” for our Special Operations personnel due to the nylon and elastic webbing secondary retention snap system ( also removable). This secure retention system means the knife won’t fall out of the sheath no matter where you attach it or what you do. With the belt clip removed, the bronze eyelets can be used to attach any other type of loop or clip to the sheath, or to attach the knife system to nearly anything (MOLLE PALS bags, plate carriers, chest rigs, battle belts, etc).

Each custom knife is cut from the highest quality American made 1095 steel available. Every surface is individually ground, chamfered, sanded, and inspected right here in our own blacksmith shop. After months of working the steel to the proper tolerances, each blade is carefully inspected. If the blade is worthy, it’s marked with the letters “BONE”. If found lacking, the knife is destroyed, and we start over.

We heat treat each knife one by one, with strict temperature regulation and adherence to a scientific formula that allows us to wring an incredible amount of strength, edge retention, and durability from every blade. Each Gladius is then tempered down to approximately 61 HRC and tested again. If the knives pass the metallurgy testing they are then sandblasted and finished in a natural earth tone powder polymer coating to make them weatherproof. Once the knives have gone through surface treatment, we make jute micarta handle scales custom fitted for each with heavy duty bronze rivets. We attach the handle scales with double security, both 2-ton strength epoxy and our proprietary locking rivets. We make a custom thermoplastic sheath for each knife and then put a final edge on the blade before inspecting a third time, applying white lithium grease, and packaging the knife to be available for sale. If the knife will not cut hair it gets scrapped, shaving sharp guaranteed. We recommend keeping your blade clean and well oiled, if you do, it will last many lifetimes of hard use. 

Bone Neoteric Gladius Videos:


Total Package Weight: 9 oz.

Total Package OAL: 10 3/8"

Total Package Max Width: 3" (2 7/16" without belt attachment)

Knife Maximum OAL: 10”

Minimum Blade Length: 5 1/8”

Minimum Blade width: 3/4” (1 3/4” at guard)

Maximum Handle Thickness: 14/16”

Maximum Handle Width: 1 1/8"

Maximum Handle Length: 4 1/2"

Pommel Hole ID: 1”

Blade Steel: 3/16” 1095 high carbon approx. 61 HRC


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeremy S
Best Fighting Knife I Own

The size, weight, length, edge geometry, and handle, are all designed perfectly to make for the best fighting knives I've ever owned. I fell in love with it on day one and immediately incorporated it into my EDC system. I carry mine on the belt (4 o'clock postion) using the Bone Tactical 'IWB Attachment Clip System' you can find those over in the accessories section on this website. The 'BT 2022 Greyman Tan w/ Bronze Eyelets' IWB clip will match the color of the sheath that is included with this knife. Although that clip is intended for IWB carry, I find that it works just as good as an OWB carry clip. The main benefit of using that clip system is that it allows me to have the knife on me all the time, even when I'm just wearing gym shorts or sweatpants.

Be careful when you take it out of the sheath! It comes wicked sharp out of the box.

Absolutely beyond Expaectations!

Greg and LT,

This is the best knife I have seen much less had. I got a lot of 'em. Incredible quality and the blade sharpness is unparralled! and black!

Very nice sheath. Is there a way to make this IWB?

Best Regards.

Verified Review

I use the Gladius as a boot knife or weakside carry inside the waistband. A unique and dangerous blade comfortable and concealable especially for it's size!

Manuel O.
Verified Review

The knife arrived shaving sharp, I tested it and sliced garlic so thin that I could see through it. The coating/finish is both durable and beautiful. Overall a great knife and another awesome product from Bone Tactical.

Ethan H.
Verified Review

Absolutely no reason not to own this knife. Beyond ideal for e.d.c self-defense. Beyond ideal for covert carry in dangerous places. Smalll enough to be a hide-away & deadly enough to be a primary self-defense blade.
The ring on the handle provides next-level grip & blade control & a way faster draw system. It doesn't matter where you have the sheath positioned as long as you can get you index finger thru the ring you can have it your hand in a fighting position within a milisecond.
That combined with the multiplication blade shape & the extreme low-profile of the the sheath & knife together give this a stealthiness & leathality never normally seen in a fighting-knife. Making this knife simply a class of its own not to be f***** with.

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