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Traveler's Money Belt

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One thing we recommend for safe, successful, and fruitious travels: never show all your cards! Whether it be a danger laden trip to faraway lands, or your daily commute to work. A bit of discretion and concealment goes a long way. Enter the Bone Tactical Traveler’s Money Belt. The need to carry papers, documents, money, "sensitive items", credit cards, etc. in a concealed fashion is well understood. Having a way to carry said items comfortably and easily in “deep concealment” is a major improvement to everyday life via removal of the worry associated with potential loss or theft of valuables. When carrying a large amount of cash, having the majority in your money belt, and a small diversionary amount in your pocket or wallet can allow most of your cash (and/or important documents) to survive a robbery. If you get robbed, give up everything in your pockets. Our money belt is designed to pass a pat down, AND metal detectors undetected (it even helps protect against RFID theft).

Some of you may have experienced a night out drinking on the town, only to wake up the next morning missing money or important items. Our money pouch can allow you to carry important items while enjoying a few cocktails, without worrying about misplacing them.

Perfect for those who often want to head out on some errand wearing light clothing such as gym shorts and a t-shirt, but still maintain the ability to carry a large amount of cash, personal documents, fixed blade knife, Bone Breaker Keychain, and a full-size pistol on your person comfortably and concealed. You can carry your stash in the roomy pouch while the strong nylon belt can be used to support the concealed carry of a holstered gun, a sheathed knife, a clipped in folding knife, and even an extra magazine pouch. Yes, that’s right, our traveler’s money belt is load bearing and can be used just as you would any other heavy-duty belt to carry all your gear on your waistline!

This isn’t the first concealment money belt ever produced, and it probably won’t be the last. It's simply the most effective, most durable, highest quality, and most well made. Greg has worn a money belt when overseas or when working high risk security for nearly two decades. Since he could never find one that was good enough to suit his needs, he designed and began producing his own. He started with a 1.5" thick, strong, comfortable, and heavy duty woven nylon belt that would never break, stretch, or become unbearably painful during long hours of use (thinner webbing will dig into the skin at the hips). Hook and loop Velcro along with an ABS buckle as double attachment methods allow the entire system to stay so thin it even can go undetected during "stop and frisk" pat downs! Yet it's still strong enough to be loaded down with gear as you would any other belt. The finest quality, hand-picked, top grain leather pouch is smooth and supple with just the right amount of flex to form fit to your body over time, should you choose to wear it between your under and outer garments in a concealed manner. It's so stylish you can even wear it outside your pants, as a “fanny pack”. Our pouch also contains a super tough 1000D Cordura waterproof liner to help keep your valuables dry on hot days when perspiration may be an issue. Our proprietary layering and pouch protection system even helps divert radio waves to protect your credit cards, passports, and other chipped items against RFID theft.

​ If one needs to access their passport or large amounts of cash, it should be done quickly, so as concealed items wouldn’t be noticed by nosy onlookers. This is why our pouch has only one, forward facing, top-mounted, genuine YKK marine grade polymer zipper that’s super quick/easy to access and won’t get stuck. The shape of the pouch itself also specifically matches the pelvic region of human anatomy so as to also allow for comfortable athletic movements when necessary (running, jumping, etc.), and to make sure it doesn’t show through or “print” under light clothing.

Available with white logo embroidered into the leather, black logo, and no logo (Low-Viz). Fits all waist sizes up to 44".

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Comfortable and Awesome

Soft leather, belt doesn't dig into your skin as you might think. Super cool. I love it.

The Highlander
Its a Solid Bone Product

Great quality, it's standards are way higher than what's on the market for a good price point. Ykk zipper, quality leather, great belt. Benchmade SOCP clips to it perfect. Couldn't be more satisfied with this product. There can only be one!

Nathan S.
Verified Review

So I like it to sit a little lower than my waist and like a pair of underwear it tends to ride up. However it's sweat resistant, durable as all heck and yes easily concealable. Really not much more to say than it does exactly what you think it would do. With an alarming amount of space its actually kind of unbelievable I have fit 2 fully loaded glock 19 magazines, my wallet, and some pepper spray into this amazing invention and knock on wood. NO ONE CAN NOTICE :). Have fun and stay safe, this is a great product.

Tony B.
Verified Review

The leather is quality and the fit is so good that I forget I am wearing it.

Dean M.
Verified Review

Great quality

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