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Search And Rescue Hawk (SARHAWK)

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Our Search & Rescue Tomahawk is a slightly shortened version of the standard Bone Hawk designed specifically for first responders. Coated in safety orange polymer resin for high durability and visibility. The rear hammer is great for breaking glass, and the end of the grip is a pry bar. It can easily chop through the light metal like the outer portions of cars, boats, and aircraft. The micarta handle scales are made in house via the same process as our "Space Cowboy" edition machete. The handles are both riveted and epoxied in place. The sheath is "jumpable" for aircraft insertions, dual retention carbon fiber print boltaron.

100% hand forged. Solid mild steel handle shaft with 5160 at the head and pry bar. At approximately 3/8" thick, this bi-steel construction process makes the SARHAWK virtually unbreakable. Our tomahawks are by far the strongest tomahawks on the market today, and currently the only tomahawks made in this manner. The mild steel shaft gives them excellent handle spring and flexibility, while the working impact sections (head and tail) feature extreme hardness, toughness, and durability. This means the hawk won’t transfer energy into one's hand when striking hard objects, thereby preventing hand injuries, and limiting loss of the tool. The contact surfaces being in the high 50's on the Rockwell scale means your tomahawk won't chip or break when striking hard objects.

The SARHAWK is small enough for an operator to carry on their person, and fits great in almost any backpack. It also makes a great survival tool to keep in your vehicle. Aside from being tie down and attachment points for a secondary retention system, the host of eyelets surrounding the sheath can be used to attach nearly any aftermarket clip, hook, or loop desired. Greg recommends using Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap high performance cable ties with steel inserts to affix tools to your kit. The sheath and hawk are also designed so that the hawk can be used as a less-lethal form of self-defense while the sheath is still attached. The sheath can be quickly removed if the situation calls for increased use of force.


 Total Package Weight: Approx. 2 lbs.

 Total Package Length: 13"

 Total Package Width: 7"

 Blade length: 3"

 Hammer Length: 1"

 Handle Material: Reclaimed material bought from the impoverished denizens of third world wastelands.

 Finish: Safety orange polymer resin

 Blade Steel: Head and pry bar 5160, mild steel shaft.

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