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El Sicario Covert Concealed Carry Shirt Collection (All Colors & Styles)

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Shrouded in mystery and evolved from stories that will never be told... "El Sicario" concealed carry shirts, much like the Bone Tactical security teams from whence developed, offer an unquestionable advantage of mythical proportion. All versions allow the user to hide concealed carry items in plain sight, and more effectively than any tactical performance clothing previously available.

The Warm Weather Gear versions are specifically designed for hot environments and areas with heavy sun exposure. They feature two layers of extremely lightweight, breathable, anti-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, and sun-blocking polyester Rip-Stop material all the way around the waistband. This feature keeps anything carried on the belt from printing (poking out/showing through). The upper portion of the back is vented and lined with mesh (similar to our Cholombia Combat Shirts) to increase air flow and aid in regulation of body temperature. Warm Weather Gear shirts are currently available in beige, and floral base colors.

The All Weather version is almost the same shirt design as the Warm Weather, with two major differences: The All Weather is made from much thicker, heavy-duty materials, and is a closed back design. The All Weather version is not as breathable, it’s not vented, and there’s no mesh netting. The All Weather El Sicario is our executive cut and is similar in appearance to a standard, button-down, high-end luxury sport shirt.

One can quickly remove and reverse the shirt in an emergency situation, thus allowing the camouflage lining on the interior portion to be used to conceal stashed items in nearly any type of foliage. This discreet yet luxurious shirt doesn't just look cool, it allows you to be your own clandestine bodyguard, giving you the full advantage of surprise should you have to escalate a situation to use of arms.

All versions are produced with genuine USA made Pearl snaps, allowing the shirt to be ripped open for quick draws. Coin holders in the front bottom corners of both hems’ aren't just for your lucky coins, the added weight helps the shirt swing clear of your weapons once you've initiated draw stroke. A hidden interior breast pocket with Velcro closures adds a stash spot for a few extra dead presidents (or other valuables). All our covert concealed carry shirts are a stylish mix of solid colors accented with our proprietary floral prints. All Sicario shirts are also made with a camo lining. This allows the user to conceal and stash items in nearly any type of foliage simply by removing the shirt and wrapping said items. This discreet and luxurious shirt doesn't just look cool, it allows you to be your own clandestine bodyguard, thus giving you the full advantage of surprise should things escalate to use of arms.

Sizing runs slightly large to allow for concealed carry under the shirt but otherwise fairly standard to North America. Please check the sizing chart here before ordering!

Customer Reviews

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Black El Sicario Shirt

I just got the black El Sicario shirt (long sleeve). I also have the shortsleeved one. These are tough, great looking, and have camo OCP lining on the inside with Hawaiian floral patter around the inside edges. These are as thick and as rugged as my Army issued OCP uniform top, but has a casual look. The thick lining will obviously hide unwanted shapes like love handles or other IWB gadgets. These are “must haves” because what’s underneath is your business, no one elses.’

Awesome shirts, awesome customer service and awesome shipping time.

My experience ordering from Bone Tactical has been one of the best ive had. I literally sent a message asking about size help because i sort of fell in between sizes and wanted a certain fit. El Jefe himself responded back to the message i sent at 2 or 3 in the morning pacific time within minutes.

Ive never had that kind if response time and help be so friendly and immediate especially at such an odd hour. I love also they were sent out with in one to two days. Just overall makes me a very pleased customer.

As far as the shirts go they are the nicest i own now. Even if you arent a tactical guy and carry, these shirts are well made and very nice looking. Not one loose stitch or thread or weird inconsistent cuts.

The sizes run pretty true to size, maybe just a bit larger for comfort and concealment reasons so keep that in mind if you like a really tight form fitting shirt.

Bone and his products are pure class and function and im going to be back for more.

Thanks Bone

Never bought shirts this good at this price

I'm not gonna lie -- first time I watched a bone tactical video on these shirts I thought it was a gimmick with made in China quality.

Well my expectations were definitely blown out the fucking water when I realized just how incredible these shirts felt. I mean it feels velvety like I'm wearing an all silk gown, it really is just indescribable. I cannot recommend these enough.

Patrick W.
Great shirt

Got me all availebel short sleve shirts. They are all of great quality and well made. The once for hot weather are very light weigth and comfortable. Will get me more, wish there where more variations.

Way to go Bone!

Nicholas Ristaino
El Sicario Long Sleeve Black

Wow, what can i say besides this is the literally the best quality shirt ive ever bought and thats no exaggeration. The material is solid, you can tell its durable, not thin junk like you get on every other button down yet its not too heavy and still very breathable. I love that when summer comes i can roll the sleeves and use the attatched buttons to keep them rolled. Bone is the real deal and so are all his products, the el sicario is no exception. If youre on the fence about buying one allow me to give you the push, BUY ONE, you will be happy you did, matter of fact, buy a few, i know im going to.

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