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Bowie Knife Collection (All Models)

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The Bloody Bill Bowie: A Tribute to History

The Bloody Bill Bowie pays homage to the iconic close-quarters combat knives wielded by warriors during the American Civil War. Greg’s original design, this particular Bowie captures the spirit of the past with its exquisite black and gold colorway. The blade is non-serrated with no sawback, formidable traditional features that have stood the test of time. The Bloody Bill boasts a powder-coated finish and our proprietary black "night raid" micarta handles.

The DoubleTapper Bowie: For the Modern Warfighter

Collaborating with an elite anti-terrorism operator from Israel, Bone Tactical created the DoubleTapper Edition - a contemporary adaptation of the classic Bowie. This version incorporates a sawback and blade serrations. The sawback was requested and specifically designed for giving the upper hand in modern CQB scenarios as seen in the GWOT. The serrations excel at cutting cordage and wires with ease. The Resolute Warrior patina finish and reclaimed hardwood handles lend it a unique and striking appearance.

The Bushranger Bowie: Your Companion for the great outdoors

The Bushranger is the heavy chopper of our collection, featuring a robust blade perfectly suited for the wilderness. Designed with a low-viz colorway, it seamlessly blends into urban and rural environments alike, providing versatility in any situation. The Bushranger Bowie features a tough powder-coated blade and handles made from jute burlap coffee bags (known by snipers to be an old camo hack). Apart from being a game-changer in the world of modern combat knives, these large blades also excel at many Bushcraft and camp tasks (just as its predecessors were used by soldiers for hundreds of years in non-combat roles like wilderness survival and routine cutting chores). Part of the top side of all our Bowie’s remain un-sharpened so they can be used for heavy splitting and chopping of wood when aided with a baton (see "batoning" wood). The sharp point excels in stabbing and penetration, while the large belly can be used both for chopping and skinning wild game (Greg once used his to skin a buffalo, see the video on our YouTube if interested).

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Monstrous knives hand forged from approximately 3/8" thick 5160 steel. Bone Tactical Bowie's are 100% fully custom and individually hand made from start to finish at our blacksmith shop. Every surface is shaped, filed, sanded, ground, and chamfered with extreme attention to detail to ensure unbelievable quality and usability. They are then hardened, tempered down to a perfect 59-61 Rockwell hardness, and re-worked in every aspect, one-by-one, reaching collector quality through extreme attention to detail. We put on the shaving sharp edge our blades are known for, we build a custom thermoplastic sheath for each (black carbon fiber or greyman tan, respectively), and we again inspect each knife before shipping out.

Each sheath is custom fitted to each knife and features a dual retention system. The crossguard portion of the bowie handle enters into the sheath with a click for a solid lockup and incredible primary sheath retention. The secondary sheath retention is a completely removable elastic strap that attaches via bronze rivet snap front and back. This is a requirement for the Special Operations guys jumping out of planes with our knives strapped to their kit... the rest of you can remove it if desired. The belt attachment that also comes with each sheath has revolutionized belt carry for bowie knives. With our proprietary innovative belt carry system you can now securely and silently carry this large fighting knife on your belt without having to worry about it flopping around.

Bowie Videos:


Bushranger Edition:

Total Package Weight: 1 lb. 8 oz.

Total Package OAL: 13 3/4"

Total Package Max Width: 4"

Knife Maximum OAL: 13 1/2”

Minimum Blade Length: 7 1/2”

Minimum Blade width: 1” (2 3/16” at guard)

Maximum Handle Thickness: 13/16”

Blade Steel: 3/8” 5160 high carbon approx. 60 HRC

Handle Material: BT Jute Micarta with our solid bronze permanent rivets

Sheath: Bone Tactical "Greyman Tan" thermoplastic, bronze riveted eyelets

DoubleTapper Edition:

Total Package Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz.

Blade Steel: 3/8” 5160 high carbon approx. 60 HRC

Handle Material: Old growth granadillo affixed with our custom solid bronze permanent rivets

Sheath: Bone Tactical "Greyman Tan" thermoplastic, bronze riveted eyelets

Bloody Bill Edition:

Total Package Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz.

Blade Steel: 3/8” 5160 high carbon approx. 60 HRC

Handle Material: Bone Tactical proprietary Night Raid Micarta & our solid bronze permanent rivets

Sheath: Carbon fiber print thermoplastic, bronze riveted eyelets

Customer Reviews

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bush ranger and bloody bowie

the guality is the best you can get in the world.these knives are the best ive seen.all the weapons are good .the clothing and the key chains are very well made

Anthony Clark
Best Bowie

I have recently stumbled upon Bone Tactical and have purchased a resolute warrior cank and a ceramic neck knife and your bread n butter double edged $30 neck knife. I also recently purchased the bloody Bill Bowie and am adding these as recommended knives along with the Bone breaker keychains which I purchased a stainless steel one and a black cerakoted limited edition one I will also be advocating those as carrying weapons the quality of the weapons that I've ordered and received from bone Tactical are handmade top of the line weaponry that is quite capable to go in any confrontation anywhere in the world whether it be Urban guerrilla warfare or standard militarized war in addition to that I ordered one of each of the shirts that is offered and I find myself wearing one of them over top of my t-shirt everyday I'm always been a t-shirt guy but since I've gotten the shirts from you I've got I've wore them every day I've never been much on button up shirts but the ones that you sell for one they don't print which is good for carrying concealed weapons and also they're very comfortable and very good looking shirts of the highest quality I will continue to support your company and purchase merchandise from you as long as you continue to supply handmade highest quality merchandise as you have enclosing I want to say thank you for the merchandise and I am including it in my invoice of recommended weaponry to my students yours truly Anthony Clark Founder Strykeforce Combat Systems.

John G.
Verified Review

I am profoundly impressed by the superb design and craftsmanship that went into the production of this beautiful knife.

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