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The Role of the Armored Vehicle in Private Security Contracting

The Role of the Armored Vehicle in Private Security Contracting

When protecting high-value targets and assets in a private security role, armored vehicles play a critical role in ensuring the safety of the people and assets under protection. Armored vehicles can give private security contractors the crucial benefit of time when employed correctly in high risk situations. Time is a critical asset when a few seconds can mean life or death, but there are trade-offs...

Enhanced Protection: The primary advantage of an armored vehicle is the enhanced protection it offers against ballistic and explosive threats. Armored vehicles can withstand attacks from various types of firearms, including high-caliber weapons, and even certain improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in some cases. This level of protection can be highly beneficial when operating in high-risk environments or in regions where violence and crime are prevalent.

Trade-Offs: Despite the numerous benefits, there are trade-offs to consider when using armored vehicles. Armoring a vehicle significantly increases its weight, which can decrease speed and maneuverability. This reduction in performance can impact the ability to navigate complex or dangerous situations quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the Right Vehicle: Over the years, I have found that overseas-market Toyotas, such as the Prado, are among the best vehicles for armoring. They are known for their durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance, making them ideal for high-risk environments. However, their greater characteristics also makes them illegal in the United States, so other suitable options should be explored for operations in the U.S. "Hard Target vs. The Real Greyman Theory" as taught by Greg Tambone must also be considered. It's generally recommended to choose an armored vehicle that isn't immediately identifiable as being armored when possible and until the risk level reaches extreme likelihood of regular engagements.

Chase Trucks for Support: Given the reduced speed and maneuverability of armored vehicles, it can be advisable in certain situations to travel with a "chase truck" filled with operators to provide support. This chase truck can handle situations that require quick action, or require entering and exiting the vehicle in dangerous areas.

Training and Preparedness: Proper training and preparation are crucial when operating armored vehicles in a private security role. Drivers and occupants must be skilled in offensive driving and evasion techniques to handle unexpected threats effectively. Additionally, operators should have a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle's capabilities and limitations.

In conclusion, armored vehicles are a valuable asset in a private security role when protecting high-value targets and assets. However, security professionals must also be aware of the trade-offs and challenges associated with armored vehicles and should plan accordingly.

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