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    The Spyderco Knives ( ) Pygmy Warrior. An adaptation of the original warrior knife designed by Randy Wanner, produced by Bob Taylor, and associated with Michael Echanis (all martial artists in their own right). This spyderco version is a reproduction of the REKAT Pygmy Warrior prototype from decades ago. The fit, finish, and materials are all excellent. However, the original design flaws of the Pygmy warrior were also reproduced in this version. That being the handle having too many sharp angles. Mainly the butt/pommel and bolster/thumb rise areas. These sharp edges on the handle make the knife inherently dangerous to the user and in certain situations more difficult to employ, but these are small design flaws that can be easily fixed with a grinder... If you can bear to grind away on a very expensive fixed blade knife ($299.95 MSRP). These angles are also not as dangerous to the user when the knife is being used in a reverse grip, as it was designed to be used per the Korean knife fighting techniques of Hwa Rang Do. Overall, this knife is still a masterpiece in its own right.
   The blade is an excellent Japanese VG-10 steel with a cutting edge of approximately four inches and an absolutely ingenious design, although in this case not properly finished. Normally Spyderco knives come sufficiently sharp from the factory, and all of our Spyderco knives have with the exception of this one. Our guys tend to carry two knives, what I'll call a "work" blade, and a "defensive" blade. The work blade is regularly used for common cutting tasks and regularly sharpened. The defensive blade is used only for cutting flesh. Whatever the purpose we only carry knives that are sharp enough to shave with. We had to re-sharpen this one when we got it. The saw pattern on the back of the blade can be used for trapping limbs in a close quarters altercation or cutting rope and other fibrous materials. But its not sharp enough to be used for cutting flesh in a combat role. If you have this blade sharpened by a professional after you receive it, you'll have a hard time finding a fighting knife with a better blade.
    The handle of this knife is one the best handles of any combat knives being currently produced based on sureness of grip alone, but sureness of grip once the blade is already in your hand is not the only determining factor of a good knife handle. I am considering this a combat knife based on size (just over nine and a quarter inches), and design. The grip on a combat knife is so important because without a secure grip the user can either cut themselves while stabbing or lose the knife when slashing. Both are potentially fatal mistakes when using a knife in a defensive situation. It comes with four G10 scales to allow the user to adjust the grip width to their own personal preference. We are going to grind out the finger grooves, drill and 550 paracord wrap this one just because the grip as it is now is too busy, with too many crude angles. You want to be able to grab your knife quickly without having to worry about taking the time to make sure each finger is lined up in each individual finger groove (that's why finger cutouts on a modern combat knife are not always the best design idea). If the knife sits in your hand differently every time you grab it, it will be balanced differently, and your accuracy when slashing and stabbing could suffer. The crude handle also makes the knife nearly impossible to comfortably carry concealed, meaning you'll likely not have it when you need it.
    The blacked out look is nice and effective at not causing glare or reflecting too much light, but nothing draws more attention than a big black knife... This also has unfortunately not been reconsidered in decades. The knife comes with a nice thermoplastic sheath and I find the Spyderco G clip attachment to be usable. The lock up on the sheath is slightly less than excellent in the model we received but the odd shaped blade makes a perfect lockup with Kydex/Boltaron difficult to produce. Overall this knife is a little rough around the edges (pun intended), but its a genuine remake of the original with some slight improvements and makes for an effective combat/fighting knife. We would recommend this knife to anyone willing to take the time to learn to use it in a reverse grip fighting style (as it was designed to be used) who is looking for a smaller blade than the original Warrior.

6 out of 10 Bones.

Pros: Incredible blade design
Cons: Poor handle design, poor blade construction, price not indicative of value.

  • Overall Length:9.38"
  • Blade Length:4.60"
  • Cutting Edge:3.85"
  • Blade Thickness:0.17"
  • Blade Material:CTS-BD1
  • Blade Grind:Hollow
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Finish:Black
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.75"
  • Handle Thickness:0.63"
  • Handle Material:G-10
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:7.00 oz.
  • Sheath:Hard Plastic
  • Knife Type:Fixed Blade
  • Brand:Spyderco
  • Model:Pygmy Warrior
  • Model Number:FB29GPSBBK
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Tactical
  • Product Type:Knife
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