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Getting Weapons Overseas As A Merc

Getting Weapons Overseas As A Merc

In this video Greg Tambone gives us some advice regarding obtaining weapons overseas. The reasons you might want to do this can be (as in Greg’s case) if you’re a security contractor, or perhaps just for personal protection. The easiest and quickest way of doing this is through your pre-existing contacts within the country you are going to be in or in which you are already residing. If you don’t have local contacts in high places, you can quickly develop them by hiring lawyers. Good lawyers are extremely expensive, so be ready for the ensuing large expenses.

Furthermore, a topic of concern is the legality of both sourcing and having firearms in your possession while overseas. Greg stresses the importance of doing everything legally with regard to obtaining firearms abroad. This means getting the weapons certified through either an official security contracting company or going through the appropriate governmental agencies. Legal permission through the government is extremely important because sourcing guns or ammunition illegally will expose you to very harsh penalties which you do not want to experience as a foreigner in any country. With enough money and the right contacts, anyone can have any type of weapon in any country. Focus on getting the money and developing the contacts first, the weapons will come easily once you’ve established yourself as a professional.

Whether you buy your weapon from an individual or an official arms supplier, it is prudent to always seek out the specific legalities of what you’re doing and register the firearm with the government of the country you’re in. Every country has gray areas, but it is wise to tread very carefully, even in a place like Central America, where corruption within the police and military is commonplace, cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

Article by Dion Roloff

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