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Battle Flags

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Hoist the black flag! Whether you’re casting off the chains of modern societal standards to set sail for the high seas like Blackbeard, or just a weekend warrior looking for a cool flag to fly. Our top-quality flags will serve you well, waving proud and true.

Honor, integrity, and standing up for what we believe in despite potential consequences is what Bone Tactical is known for. That, and quality products we stand behind. These are character qualities, however, that are not popular. Rebels, renegades, a dying breed is what they call us. Outliers, misfits living outside the boundaries of prevailing opinion.

A similar group of men, once called Buccaneers, flew their black flags as warning to all. A silent yet powerful message. Their flag told a story that was the nature and customs of the captain and crew it represented. Men of action have since been using these pirates’ flags, or a version of their own, as a similar non-verbal communication of what to expect should you find yourself crossing our path.

Made from heavy duty, multi-stitched, double-sided polyester. These flags are thicker, and tougher than what you’re probably used to. Unlike most flags, ours read correctly on both sides. We offer our battle flags in two sizes. The small is 12 inches long and 8 inches tall. It features a thick nylon pocket, designed to be slid over an antenna or small pole. The large is 48 inches long and 29 inches tall, it comes with two heavy brass riveted eyelets as attachment points.

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