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Cholombia Combat Shirt Collection (All Styles)

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​    The Cholombia Combat shirt was born of conflict in 2017-2018 Honduras. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets with burning, looting, stealing, and disrupting all forms of transportation. The powers that be shuffling for control with Uncle Sam pulling strings from the shadows and calling it the “war on drugs”. The story is not a new one, but it is still largely untold. Immunity for those who play along, extradition and US prison for those who don’t (with us taxpayers to foot the bill). How do we know all this? Because we were there, right smack in the middle of it. Watching the echoes of our American for-profit prison system ringing loud and clear in a faraway land.

  Amidst the rioting, burning, destruction, chaos, looting, and shooting. The gangs controlling strategic checkpoints along contraband routes, and the "protesting" general populace (often hard to tell who’s who). We had front row seats to the truth. Dodging roving patrols who had the entire country under martial law with instructions to shoot first and ask questions later… there’s us! Wearing our new uniform shirts made by a local buddy. It was illegal to be on the streets, illegal to carry a firearm, and illegal to wear camo… So, living dangerously as we were at the time inspired us to design the Bone Tactical Cholombia Combat Shirt. Stylish, rugged, high performance, extreme attention to detail, and the top quality we’ve become known for.

   It’s called the "Cholombia" shirt because we originally produced them in Choloma, Honduras (one of the most dangerous places on earth at the time). In the early days if we had to work late the employees would sleep in our workshop, dreaming in rhythm with the gunshots going off outside, because the streets were too dangerous to leave after dark. They're no longer made in the same location, our new location will remain undisclosed to protect the PERSEC of our employees, but they are still individually hand made, and now by some of the world's finest tailors.

    Not only are these the toughest and most effective combat shirts on the market, but they’re also the most well made, and the most fashionable (in our humble opinion).

   The Warm Weather Gear versions are specifically designed for hot environments and areas with heavy sun exposure. They are made from extremely lightweight, breathable, anti-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, and sun-blocking polyester Rip-Stop material. The upper portion of the back is vented and lined with mesh to increase air flow and aid in regulation of body temperature. Warm Weather Gear Cholombias feature our own proprietary camouflage print that we believe to be the most effective camo available for the widest array of environments. Whether operating in dense jungle’s surrounding the earths tropics, scouting our great American hunting lands for your next kill, or on a recon mission in a bombed out Middle Eastern village…  Bone Tactical camouflage will keep you hidden like no other. We added some small hints of our Aloha Snackbar Hawaiian style print because we’re not in the military, we’re the modern world’s A-team, and we’re proud to be equipped with the highest performance combat gear available.

    The Extreme Duty Gear version is virtually the same shirt design as the Warm Weather, with one major difference: The Extreme Duty is made from much thicker, heavy-duty poly-cotton RipStop.

   All Cholombia shirts are available in standard men’s sizes Small through 2XL and consist of camouflage with a touch of floral print highlights. Please check the sizing chart before ordering! The plethora of Velcro closure pockets make small item storage a breeze and like the rest of the shirt, are made with extreme attention to detail. If you want a shirt no one else has, that supports the right things, and is just as suited to performing anything from rigorous outdoor activities to the hunting of men in faraway lands or even a casual night on the town… then this is the shirt for you.

    Buying from Bone Tactical allows you to help make the world a better place by supporting the small business owner, the impoverished, and the destitute (we are constantly using proceeds for our various outreach programs). Because that’s what we're all about. We stand up for what is right, even if it is not popular or profitable.

  *Orders normally ship same day but always within two business days. You'll automatically receive an order confirmation e-mail when your order goes through, and then another e-mail with tracking info once it ships. Please e-mail with any questions regarding shipping or your order.*

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