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Bone Tactical Combat Shirt Collection (All Styles)

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The world's most effective camouflage pattern meets the clandestine operations combat shirt of the future. Bone Tactical camo patterns demonstrate true full-spectrum efficiency. Not only is this pattern directly applicable to grey man theory (as it does not mimic any known military camouflage), it blends into both rural and urban environments for subterfuge implementation after contact in non-permissive environments. Standalone the best performing camouflage in virtually any environment. State-of-the-art clothing technology keeps the user comfortable, protected, and at top performance. Tough, built to last, handmade attention to detail, and fashionable... tactical innovation in its purest form. Our Combat line of clothing will not only help keep you in the fight, it will stack the odds in your favor.

The Warm Weather Gear versions are specifically designed for hot environments and areas with heavy sun exposure. They are made from extremely lightweight, breathable, anti-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, and sun-blocking polyester Rip-Stop material. The upper portion of the back is vented and lined with mesh to increase air flow and aid in regulation of body temperature.

The Extreme Duty Gear version is virtually the same shirt design as the Warm Weather, with one major difference: The Extreme Duty is made from much thicker, heavy-duty poly-cotton RipStop. The Extreme Duty is flame resistant, thorn resistant, abrasion resistant, made from the same material as our Combat Pants, and your best bet for extreme environments!

Our Combat Shirts feature our own proprietary camouflage print. We've managed to develop the world's most effective camo by completely removing all hard lines and creating a pattern of diffusion between colors that effects the human brain at the subconscious level. Because one cannot identify solid outlines or shapes in this camo, and because of the proprietary diffusion design paired with the advanced colorway, the user is able to truly blend into whatever is around them. Even the colors featured in this pattern are selected because their ability to morph perception based on the environment through optical illusion. Our camo actually appears to change and adapt to what's around it, like a chameleon...

Whether operating in dense jungle’s surrounding the earths tropics, scouting our great American hunting lands for your next kill, or on a recon mission in a bombed out Middle Eastern village…  Bone Tactical camouflage will keep you hidden like no other. We added some small hints of our Aloha Snackbar Hawaiian style print because we’re not in the military, we’re the modern world’s A-team, and we’re proud to be equipped with the highest performance combat gear available.

All Combat shirts are available in standard men’s sizes Small through 2XL and consist of camouflage with a touch of floral print highlights. Please check the sizing chart before ordering! The plethora of Velcro closure pockets make small item storage a breeze and like the rest of the shirt, are made with extreme attention to detail. If you want a shirt no one else has, that supports the right things, and is just as suited to performing anything from rigorous outdoor activities to the hunting of men in faraway lands… then this is the shirt for you. On a side note, it's also acceptable to use this shirt for just a casual night out on the town (as long as you're OK with the distinct possibility that you may appear a lot more cool than you actually are).

Finally, buying from Bone Tactical allows you to help make the world a better place by supporting the small business owner, the impoverished, and the destitute (we use proceeds to offer hope through education and sustenance for children below the poverty line who would otherwise not have access to either). Because that’s what we're all about. We stand up for what is right, even if it is not always popular or profitable. Our Combat Shirts represent all that is leading the tactical industry from the front, and being set apart in this world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sully C
Amazing shirt!

I picked up the short sleeve warm weather shirt awhile back, and FINALLY it was 86 today rather hot for where I live and this shirt was amazing! Finally a combat ready shirt that is SUPER lightweight yet rugged. Holding smokes in the pocket with a pen, some cash, etc didn’t feel like it was weighing down the shirt like some shirts do. And wearing with a tank top, opened up it really does truly breathe. At not point was I really “hot” or sweaty, just rather cool and comfortable. The ONLY thing I would love to see in an update, would be snap closure buttons that look like these sew on buttons. That way it’s much faster to break garment if necessary vs actual buttons… Pearl snaps would be nice with faux wooden coverings. Just a minor thing I think would take this shirt to the next level. I know the idea is that you can sew on another button, but with quality snaps on other higher tier manufacturers similar to Bones level, I’ve never lost a snap so I think they’d hold up… Regardless this is truly a winner… especially the Velcro pockets (vs buttons). If you make more colorways I’ll buy em all! Specially the hot weather ones. Absolutely LOVE this thing! 5 stars all around.

Kameron Cole
Warm Weather Gear

I just received my warm weather gear shirt today. I ordered the short sleeve version. I must say I was extremely impressed when I pulled the shirt out of the bag! My very first thought was “oh this is very soft and light”. I also have the extreme duty gear shirt. So for comparison, the warm weather gear is much softer. While I like both, my immediate favorite is the warm weather gear. I did not buy the shirt with a discount either; I paid normal price when I received the restock email. I do not regret paying full price because the shirt is a beauty. Thank you!

Extreme duty combat shirt

I ordered this shirt in multicam only because it was on sale didn't think I would like it. I was in the army and familiar all sorts of gear this is the highest quality bdu shirt I have ever had by far!

Ricardo M.
Verified Review

Highly robust build with great fit. The colorful accents make this fun to wear for all your outdoor adventures. The shirt tapers down well around the waist and fits well for those who pump iron and have high arms/chest. Great stuff!

Jordan V.
Verified Review

One thing, get two! The craftsmanship of this long sleeve feels tailor made and fits like a true XL with the right tolerances. The stitching, accents, choice of buttons, vents, pockets, and choice of multicam fabric were thought out carefully. The Hawaiian flair is a plus which distinguishes itself from any shirt in the "tactical" world. Looks good on an outing or just grabbing groceries. Cheers!

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