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Waterproof Readiness Bag (pre-packed for survival)

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Our waterproof readiness bag comes packed with all the sustenance you'll need to survive any negative situation life may throw at you. Vehicle breakdowns, natural disasters, rioting protesters, or even forgetting to pack snacks on a long trip are all reasons to buy one of these bags. We've applied our years of non-permissive environment survival experience into the product selection and testing to ensure that this is the most versatile 72 hour type emergency preparedness kit on the market.

Start a fire, purify and carry water, protect sensitive items from the elements, make a shelter, prevent hypothermia, signal for help, protect your hands from injury during times of increased work load, perform low-light operations while protecting your natural night vision, provide basic medical treatment, navigate unknown terrain, illuminate your work area hands-free, or eat a quick snack to keep you going strong (all with just the included contents of this bag). We recommend stowing at least one of these bags per person in your home, place of work, and each of your vehicles (whether land or sea) to be fully prepared for anything this unpredictable world may throw at you.

Included with purchase:

  1. Bone Tactical Dry Bag
  2. 131 Piece First Aid Kit
  3. Orange Tube Tent Mylar Survival Shelter
  4. Survival Straw Water Filter
  5. Energy Biscuit Emergency Food Ration
  6. Rubberized Work Gloves
  7. Red & White Rechargeable LED Headlamp
  8. Multi-function Paracord Survival Bracelet (compass, knife, whistle, fire starter)
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