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The Ultimate Survival Bugout Bag

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Included with purchase (everything you need to survive!):

  1. Grayman Operations Pack
  2. 131 Piece First Aid Kit
  3. Orange Tube Tent Mylar Survival Shelter & Signal Device
  4. Sanitary Wipes
  5. Aluminum 500ml Liquid Transport Device
  6. Waterproof Camo Backpack Cover
  7. Survival Straw Water Filter
  8. Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters
  9. Spork Multitool Camping Utensil
  10. Military Grade Lensatic Map Compass
  11. Energy Biscuit Emergency Food Rations
  12. Rubberized Work Gloves
  13. 100ft 550 Cord Bundle
  14. Red & White Light Rechargeable LED Headlamp
  15. Multi-function Paracord Survival Bracelet (compass, knife, whistle, fire starter)
  16. Ferro Rod Fire Starter w/ Signal Whistle & Multi-Tool
  17. EDC Relentless Neck Knife System

  We created the most complete and best overall option for the largest reasonable "bugout" bag setup that an individual can carry safely and easily . This comfortable and durable 60 liter bag comes complete with everything you need to survive and none of the cheap trinkets that many other companies (with no real world non-permissive environment experience) will try and sell you. Just what you need and nothing you don't. Incredibly, we managed to pack The Ultimate Survival Bugout Bag full of all the essentials while still retaining a bit of extra space inside for the gear you may already have that will be specific to you (medications, firearms, ammunition, precious metals, sentimental items, etc.)

  The Ultimate Bugout Bag isn't just for bugging out! To create an emergency preparedness kit that is the best option for virtually anyone, we started with the Grayman Operations Pack. We chose this bag because it allows you to become low-profile in urban areas (standard “tactical” or military looking bags can make you a target during social unrest), and our bug out bag can be immediately converted to camouflage when entering wooded areas. This is possible for two main reasons: One, the bag is constructed of high quality leathers and heavy duty canvas in natural colorways that not only look professional yet low profile in urban environments, but are also colors prevalent in nature. The second reason is that this preparedness kit includes a waterproof camo backpack cover easily attached to the exterior of the pack. This not only allows the user to blend into the forest but keeps the bag and it’s contents from getting wet (even in extreme conditions). 

The 60L bag itself is overbuilt in every way (like all of our products), and features 8 different compartments for organizational purposes. A zippered top compartment provides both quick access and protection. The roomy main compartment sports additional organizational pouches, a padded laptop sleeve that fits even most modern 17" laptops, a nylon/velcro enclosure, and the whole main section is closable with a heavy-duty draw string. The Greyman Operations Pack is flanked by two mesh water bottle holders. Dorsally located is a large zippered outer pouch. Despite this kit being loaded down with a bunch of great gear, it comes filled to less than half capacity... leaving you the much-needed space to pack items that are more personal to you and your area of operations.

   Why do you need a “Go Bag” like this? It could be as simple as your car breaking down in an isolated area, in which case this bag and this bag alone would give you the ability to survive for weeks on end. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, solar flares, tsunamis, floods, and landslides could cause the need for emergency survival equipment. A good example is the general lack of law and order that led to the declaration of martial law in the city of New Orleans (2005), Ferguson (2014), and Minneapolis (2020), just to name a few. It is entirely plausible that many of those lives lost could have been spared, had those individuals been better prepared. After a natural disaster event or during social unrest many things we take for granted are often not available (such as food, water, shelter, and electricity). Grocery stores are not stocked, public water may be contaminated or not available, homes and vehicles could be destroyed, and depending on the severity of the disaster rioting and looting could be rampant.

   As you develop a plan for potential disaster scenarios you should consider "the rule of three's" and your area of operation. The rule of three's states that you can last three days without water and three weeks without food. We include bottled water, a water filter, and emergency food rations in these packs. The bottled water will allow you to stay hydrated on the go and the survival straw water filter will allow you to safely stop and drink from nearly any standing water you can find. The compressed high energy biscuits last a long time, are fast to access, easy to eat, lightweight/easy to carry, taste great, and are packed with much needed calories for survival. 

  Because hypothermia can occur with just a slight change in body temperature, shelter and protection from the elements is very important. We were sure to include a fire starter and a Mylar tube tent of which both can be used to help maintain body heat. The ferro rod fire starter can start fires even in wet conditions and also features various multi tools as well as a signaling device (whistle). The Mylar tent can not only be used as shelter but another signal device if lost or stranded (while camping for example), or even just wrapped around the body to raise ones core temperature. Once fire is made with the included fire starter, it can of course be used to boil and purify water as well.

   Less than two centuries ago much of the western United States was only navigable by those with knowledge of natural springs, rivers, wells, and underground aquifers. The men who held this valuable knowledge and skillset quickly became known as guide's and trackers. As a Nation we may have forgotten our history and primitive survival skills, but one place many still realize the importance of fresh water is at sea. Being surrounded by water you can't drink can quickly turn from a pleasure boating dream to a hellish nightmare scenario (the high salt content of seawater will actually drain the water from your body as you drink it, and dehydrate you faster than not drinking at all). However, you don't have to be a desert rat or sea captain to understand the importance of staying hydrated and being prepared for water shortages... all you have to do is remember to take this GTFO bag from Bone Tactical with you and you’ll be good to go. 

   Learning to control fire and use it to our advantage is one of the first and most basic things human beings have done to separate ourselves from animals. Fire is as integral to survival as water, and an absolute necessity in regions that experience cold winters. Aside from the obvious and arguably the most important use of fire to boil water for purification, fire has literally too many uses to list but I’ll give you a few more as it pertains to the reason this bag contains at least two fire starters. Due to the fact that we're warm-blooded mammals and our bodies can only survive at a relatively small temperature range, the benefits and heating properties of fire range from providing comfort to preventing hypothermia, frostbite, and even death. Fire is also an extremely useful signaling tool when lost, stranded, or trying to mark a specific location. During the day smoke can also be used as a signaling device by burning green vegetation or animal dung. Native American smoke signals are a means of silent communication relatively easy to master and often ignored by today's outdoorsmen. A mere candle can be seen from over a mile away on a clear night. Many food items not safe for human consumption in their raw form can be eaten once cooked. Smoke and heat can be used to cure meats for long term storage (think jerky), and leaves can be boiled to create tea that often contains a high vitamin content and offers various medicinal uses.        

  The best guns jam, and even the nicest hand made fighting knives and tomahawks like ours can be lost or possibly even stolen. Security does not always mean who has the biggest gun or the most ammo, but security is absolutely integral to survival. Especially in dangerous environments and emergency situations. Having an effective weapon can help you keep your gear from being taken from you. Furthermore, a knife is essential for survival tasks and camp chores alike. That’s why we include an EDC Relentless knife system in every bugout bag. 

  Cordage may have more uses in a SHTF scenario than any other one item you can pack. Think McGyver with duct tape (but you can actually do more with cordage). That’s why we have included the best survival cordage available, a large bundle of 550 paracord. Its light, strong, and even has internal strands that can be separated from its outer sleeve if finer cordage is needed (one example would be for making snares to trap small animals). It can be used for making weapons, hunting, fishing, making a tourniquet, fixing things, as a tiedown, making fire (bow drill set), making shelter, climbing (in emergencies), and much more. 

It should go without saying that when preparing oneself for today’s new normal world where environments can become austere in the blink of an eye, that medical equipment is important and necessary to have on hand. This is why we include a 131 piece first aid kit that contains: A First Aid Guide, vinyl gloves, bandages, trauma pad, antiseptics, ibuprofen, aspirin & non-aspirin pain medications, and much more.

Finally, each bag contains a military grade liquid filled lensatic map compass for easily locating positions both on a map and in the field. Because two is one and one is none, especially with sensitive items, the included paracord survival bracelet has a backup compass attached. The 550 cord survival bracelet also has a built in backup fire starter, knife, and whistle. 

We reserve the right to change any of these items in this bag at any time. If we change an item it will be for a similar item of equal or higher value and this option allows us to maintain a fluid supply chain. Thanks for understanding. All sales are final. 

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