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Headlamp, Re-Chargeable LED (both white & red light capabilities)

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It should go without saying that a headlamp is an essential piece of kit. Being able to operate with both hands free and see what you're doing in low light scenarios is invaluable, moreso while alone or in a non-permissive environment. This headlamp features three LED bulbs with three light settings and is re-chargeable (meaning you won't have to worry about batteries). The three light modes allow you to adapt to whatever situation the night may throw at you (high, low, red). Perhaps the most important feature is the red LED bulb. Using a flashlight at night has three major drawbacks when in a dangerous environment: It creates tunnel vision (so you can only see what’s in the narrow beam of the flashlight), it makes you a target, and it creates reliance on the tool by damaging one’s natural night vision. The availability of true red light means you can use light when needed without completely compromising your natural night vision or drawing unwanted attention from potential enemies.

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