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Scorpion Bone Opener w/ Screwdriver (Stonewashed Stainless Steel)

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The Bone Opener is our foray into the multi-tool world, but as everything here at Bone Tactical, there’s more to this clandestine EDC tool than one may discern at first glance. Beautiful stonewashed stainless steel that will stand up to a lifetime of abuse and never chip, scratch, or show discernable signs of wear. This keychain multi-tool is not a weapon and should not be construed as one. Legal to carry virtually anywhere you can carry your keys. So effective yet unassuming, it can be a literal life saver in weapon free zones (where no other force multipliers this effective can be legally carried).

It features a 1” wrench, a quarter inch hex driver, a built-in 1/4" screwdriver bit (both phillips and regular), a bottle opener, two pocket loops (one for deep carry and one for quick access), and of course functions as a keychain for organizational purposes.

The scorpion is an incredible example of form meeting function. Never before has such a powerful and effective tool been designed or produced that is able to fit in one's pocket for comfortable daily carry. Impressive performance capabilities aside, this "bottle opener" displays a timeless patina that only becomes more robust with use.


Weight: 3 oz.

Thickness: 5/16"

Steel: Stainless

Finish: Stonewash

Length: 4.5"

​Width: 1.5"

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