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Bone Breacher (tomahawk with various options)

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Now world renowned for making the strongest, sharpest, and most effective tomahawks: Greg started planning and designing the first Bone Hawk circa early 2013 to fill the void in the market for a faster, stronger, better designed, more modular, and better built combat tomahawk. Later that year the Bone Hawk became the first ever tomahawk specifically designed to complement modern fighting techniques, to handle a vast array of bushcraft tasks, to aid as a dynamic entry device, and finally to be used as a multi-use tool in non-combat scenarios. 

Prior to the Bone Hawk there were other high quality construction tomahawks available to elite operators, but their design hadn't changed much since the Vietnam Conflict (mainly because the craftsman making tomahawks before Bone Tactical entered the industry had limited knowledge or understanding of the weapons use in modern warfare). 

The Bone Hawk was the first ever full tang, dual handle design tomahawk that effectively allows for use in both extreme close quarters, and as a mid-range weapon. We're currently on the 3rd generation Breacher, the most advanced design yet (in stock and shipping!). The Bone Breacher is the ultimate illustration of experience based knowledge in design meeting skilled craftsmanship, modern materials, and the science of metallurgy.

Although the Bone Hawk was designed specifically for Special Forces soldiers, it features a vast array of potential applications due to its superior design that make it an extremely viable tool for more than just the tactical professional. Because the primary intended use of the Bone Hawk is that of a weapon, we made sure its design would complement modern martial arts tomahawk fighting techniques. These design features include but are not limited to: the finger grooves at the top of the handle facilitating a strong choke grip for close quarters engagements, the un-sharpened beard curved at the proper angle for hooking and trapping movements, the extended and ribbed pry-bar pommel also to be used for trapping techniques/small joint manipulation, and the arc of the rear tanto spike that mimics the arc of a natural human swing for maximum penetration on impact (as well as easy removal for repeated strikes). For more information on tomahawk combatives we recommend studying the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali method of tomahawk fighting. 

The Bone "Breacher" Tomahawk is the big bad brother to the original Bone Hawk. It is a much larger version designed to be the absolute largest tomahawk that can still be carried and properly wielded with one hand. The only major design difference between the Bone Hawk and the Bone Breacher, other than size, is that the Breacher has had the bottle opener removed off the top. The bottle opener was left out so as to be more comfortable in the hand when used consistently as a pry bar. This beastly weapon of destruction excels at all breaching tasks. It serves as an excellent vehicle mounted tool because it outperforms a common axe while still being lighter. The Bone Breacher is one of the largest, and most devastating tomahawks available on the market today. It is also by far the strongest tomahawk ever designed or produced.

The solid, one-piece, 3/8" thick, differentially triple hardened 4140 chromoly steel construction makes the Bone Breacher virtually unbreakable. A shaft hardness of approximately 40 Rockwell gives our tomahawks excellent handle spring and flexibility. This means the hawk won’t transfer energy into the hand when striking hard objects, thereby preventing hand injuries and limiting loss of your weapon. Contact surfaces in the high 50's on the Rockwell scale means your tomahawk wont chip or break when striking hard objects.

The thermoplastic sheath has eyelets in which we've attached a secondary retention system of paracord and a quick release buckle, making it a "jumpable" weapons system (for missions requiring aircraft insertions). Aside from being tie down points and attachment points, the host of 1/4" eyelets surrounding the sheath can be used to attach nearly any aftermarket clip, hook, or loop system desired. Greg recommends using Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap high performance cable ties with steel inserts to affix edged weapons to your kit. The sheath and hawk are also designed so that the hawk can be used as a less-lethal form of self-defense while the sheath is still attached. The sheath can be quickly removed if the situation calls for lethal action. Kydex OWB loop belt attachments are also available here on the site for separate purchase.

The "Modern Warrior" version is equipped with our proprietary Micarta handle scales to provide a very sure grip that wont crack, fall off, or swell with temperature variations. It’s also lighter and stronger than many other handle materials, and even provides for a little extra shock absorption. The micarta, sheath, eyelets, and even the matching rivets are all earth tones in this version allowing maximum low-visibility across a broad theater of operations. Final finish of the hawk itself is an earth tone of tough and durable polymer resin.

The handle on the "Resolute Warrior" hawk is made of one of the rarest, finest, and most sought after types of wood in the world. A beautiful old growth Granadillo that Greg sourced himself by searching the jungles of Central America for these fallen trees. He does this because when you buy the precious hardwoods used by many other knifemakers they are often originally illegally sourced and you are promoting the deforestation of our planet. He loads up one of his expedition vehicles and goes into some of the most remote regions on earth, often for weeks at a time, to search for the exotic hardwoods you can find finely crafted into these luxury handle slabs. The color of the hawk itself is an off-black faux patina polymer resin. The hardwood handles are affixed with both 5 ton epoxy and custom brass rivets, a combination of artistic beauty and overbuilt toughness that will last for generations to come.

Our tomahawks can puncture hard objects like steel doors, heavy glass windows, and kevlar helmets with the rear spike. The face of the Breacher comes sharp enough to handle any soft tissues, and all precision cutting tasks. They can easily shear through flesh and bone, even metal vehicles (as seen on our YouTube channel). If you repeatedly strike a hard object with the face of your Bone Breacher the edge will eventually roll and can be easily re-sharpened with a diamond stone (our edge won't chip and be ruined under normal use like the other hawks out there of our supposed "competition"). This is also why the rear spike was designed for contact with hard objects like metal, and the face for softer objects like wood and flesh.

Aside from being devastating to soft tissue, the face of the Bone Breacher is of a traditional curved design that can handle bushcraft chores with ease. It excels at chopping and can be used to whittle and create fine shavings in a choked up grip. Both the huge rear spike and the pry bar pommel with nail puller make our Breacher a supremely effective breaching tool. We even added hex drivers in the most popular standard sizes to our Breacher. We did so not only for weight reduction and to add strength through superior engineering technology and geometry, but also because you never know when you're gonna need to bust loose a nut.

Our edged weapons available for sale to the general public represent a balance between a beautiful heirloom quality work of art (Resolute Warrior version), and the "no frills" hard use configuration that most closely mimics the setup we give to Special Forces soldiers (Modern Warrior version). Yes, we donate edged weapons to our great Nation’s most elite fighting forces, whose lives depend on their equipment, because they are the reason we started making the most advanced blades and defensive tools in the first place. Every single one of our blades is set up for toughness, modularity, and low visibility in the widest range of environments. The Cerakote coatings are absolutely the best final finishes available for hard use steel and make our hawks almost completely impervious to rust and corrosion while reducing surface friction to increase cutting and penetration ability. We recommend keeping the edge clean and well-oiled to prevent surface oxidation, as is the same with all quality blades. Every fully custom Bone Tactical edged weapon is a beautiful, hand-finished, collector quality piece that can be passed down through generations as an heirloom yet is still very capable of hard use. 

Due to the fact that our edged weapons and tools are completely custom, no two blades are the same. We are continually making minor improvements as reports come back from the field via the military operators and OCONUS clandestine teams using our weapons in order to keep them the most effective fighting tools in the world. Therefore, your product will differ slightly from the pictures shown here. 

Bone Breacher Videos:

Bone Breacher Resolute Warrior Specs:

Total Package Weight: 3.6 lbs.

Total Package Length: 21"

Total Package Width: 10.75"

Blade length: 4"

Spike Length: 3"

Handle Material: Reclaimed Granadillo from Central American jungle expeditions

Finish: Faux patina polymer resin

Blade Steel: Triple hardened 3/8" thick proprietary 4140 approx. 58 HRC at impact points and 40 HRC at handles


Bone Breacher Modern Warrior Specs:

Total Package Weight: 3.6 lbs.

Total Package Length: 21"

Total Package Width: 10.75"

Blade length: 4"

Spike Length: 3"

Handle Material: Bone Tactical Signature Micarta

Finish: Earth Tone polymer resin

Blade Steel: Triple hardened 3/8" proprietary 4140 approx. 58 HRC at impact points and 40 HRC at handles


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The Last Tool

Greg and LT,

Its absolutely legendary.

Spend the money and see. You will wish you had it on your back.

Totally unrivaled.

Best regards.

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