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Bonedurantium Vagabond Keychain

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This key-chain is made from solid Bonedurantium and designed specifically as an every day carry tool for modern Americans living in today's environment of political climate change. As gun free zones and weapon restricted areas continue to expand it becomes increasingly difficult for law abiding citizens to defend themselves. We designed the vagabond keychain as an EDC (Every Day Carry) tool that is unassuming, low profile, and incredibly effective. Because it's non-metallic and non-magnetic it can be carried confidently without drawing any unnecesary or unwanted attention. 

Bonedurantium is a High Pressure Thermoset Fiberglass and Kevlar reinforced Composite Laminate proprietary to Bone Tactical LLC. It is one of the toughest and strongest non-metallic materials ever produced and will far outperform any other materials that are used to make similar tools.

Vagabond key-chains feature a built-in slot to allows them to slip into and over a garment pocket, keeping your keys safe, and the index finger loop oriented upright for quick access. In the absence of pockets it can even be worn inside the waistband (think running or bike shorts).

We can all benefit from a tool for daily carry like the Vagabond due to the imbalance of the current system of checks and balances in our great Nation, and the shortcomings of our justice system. 

Bonedurantium vagabond keychains are between 8 and 16mm thick, weigh only about an ounce, and are each a true hand made work of art with an inherent level of toughness that offers an indefinite lifetime of hard use. They're painstakingly hand shaped, sanded, and individually chamfered to ensure maximum comfort and usability. As each and every tool is individually handmade, they will all show slight variations in thickness and color. This adds to the value making each Vagabond a truly unique one of a kind heirloom quality functional art piece.


Weight: 1.5 oz.

Thickness: approx. 5/16"

Length: 4.4"

​Width: 2.3"

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Nicholas Perdue
Unique product

Awesome product great tool in a pinch.

Just what I have been looking for.

I have searched a number of different places and this fits my needs perfectly... I will be buying more bone technical products in the future!

Ruben Lizardi
Excellent craftsmanship

Gotta love the attention to detail Mr. Bone puts into every piece of equipment. I have owned countless pieces of similar tools and they have been great, but it's just something about the bonebreaker that makes it stand out. I love the stainless steel stonewash finish. Makes it look tough and resistant to daily use and abuse. You dont have to worry about damaging this tool i can assure you that. The rounded edges are a feature many companies overlook but is greatly appreciated when done. Highly recommend this product if you're on the fence about purchasing one. You won't regret it.


Works just as intended while fitting in the pocket and hand perfectly, you’ll forget it’s there until you need it, you can tell that it’s well made too, money well spent!

Ryan R.
Verified Review

I got my stainless bone breaker and it has been in my edc carry since I cut the box open. I am a knife and gun collector but I am also a cnc machinist. The overall quality is great and I must say the price I paid was extremely fair. I really am happy I saw the sale and ordered. Muchisimas gracias senior Tambone. Tango que decirle que tiene muchas chicas bellas en sus fotos y videos. Ojala que tenga un buen dia senior. Soy un gringo hispañohablante tambien. Hasta Lugo.

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