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Minimalist Executive Protection EDC in Latin America

Minimalist Executive Protection EDC in Latin America

Greg Tambone gives us a brief look into some new minimalist tools which he uses at times he requires carrying only the bare essentials. In such circumstances, it’s necessary to strike a balance, one where he can carry as little as he can possibly get away with, but still have access to all his most important tools. The aim of this is to use his element of surprise, by carrying concealed (items which others do not suspect him of carrying).

The primary tool which allows him to do this is the El Sicario covert concealed carry shirt, designed with an array of hidden features that allow the user to conceal several things on their person (without printing), but also with a look which allows others perceive its wearer as a non-threat and therefore unlikely to be concealing all the items Greg displays in this video. 

For more information on using the element of surprise in this manner, and influencing the perceptions of others, check out Mr. Tambone’s three-part video series on Gray Man Theory.

Article by Dion Roloff

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