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Bone Tac Coffee

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At some point during his journeys around the world, Greg developed such an affinity for fine coffee that he began to produce his own. From choosing the plants themselves, then the land to raise them on, all the way through processing the beans. He oversees it all. The the transport from finca to bodega (farm to warehouse). Then the drying in our open air patio via direct natural sunlight. On to roasting. Grinding. Packing. And finally delivering the world's finest and freshest single source coffee directly to your door. Truly small batch artisan roast.

  Coffee done right. We don’t just slap a cool sticker on our bag of coffee in which we have no idea what it really contains or where it came from (which is the industry standard). We hand source our coffee one bean at a time from the best of our mountain farms in Honduras and follow it through every step of the process until we load only the best of it onto planes that fly it right to our US facility. If it's not fit for the Bone Tactical label we sell it to local resellers and it ends up being bought and sold again until it makes it's way to the US market as well (in the bags of our competition). When we started selling coffee it came with a promise to bring you the best coffee on the planet. A combination of nutty, herbal flavors from Timor and the naturally sweet and smooth chocolate goodness of native Honduran Caturra, our coffee is strictly high grown in the mountains of El Paraiso, Copan, and Santa Barbara. This coffee is as smooth as it gets, medium roast, and full flavor. Each bag contains at least 12 ounces.

  Our growers have been growing coffee for many generations without pesticides or mechanized processing, and it's guaranteed to be organically grown. They still make it the same way they have for hundreds of years. The people that haven’t brought in heavy equipment, or partnered with big American companies in agreements to cut corners. The high mountain fincas you can only access with our exotic 4x4 rigs in the dry season, that’s where we source our coffee. We work side by side with the locals, not only to bring you the best Coffee available, but also to create a sustainable environment and promote a healthy economy not based off the production and sale of illegal drugs (or at the sole benefit of major corporations as is otherwise the norm in Central America).

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