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American Convicted Felon EDC

American Convicted Felon EDC

Being marked as a convicted felon in the United States makes a man’s life significantly more challenging in almost every way possible. Arming and protecting yourself as a felon is also a whole lot harder, and more risky as well. However, you’re not completely without options. It will just take some creativity, and a heightened awareness of the legal systems inner workings ( which you already know currently do not work in your favor). Be sure to keep in mind that written law and practiced law are two different things entirely. For example, the rights granted to you by the US Constitution, when exercised, could still land you in prison due to our current system of what Greg demonstrates to be tyrannical US Law Enforcement. Greg Tambone goes into some of the things he is able to do to protect himself as an American convicted felon, and shares with viewers some of the perfectly legal items he can carry on his person every day to be more prepared. These tools each serve a purpose, which collectively help circumvent the lifelong loss of firearm privileges felons experience after being convicted.
    The main idea is to conceal these things on your person, maintaining both the ability to defend oneself, and the advantage of surprise given by not drawing unwanted attention. The items Greg introduces are:

  • A black powder pistol, which differs from normal firearms in that they are powered by, as their name would suggest, black powder. In states where black powder itself is illegal for felons, BP alternatives can be used as a propellant. Certain models of BP guns (whether antique or replica) are federally speaking not considered firearms, and therefore completely legal for felons to possess, but require a bit more caution. They are effective and reliable when loaded and carried by an expert with considerable training and experience. Greg explains that technically all gun laws are infringements to the Second Amendment as written  in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution, so technically a felon should be able to carry any firearm they so choose (if written law was properly enforced). He urges people to keep in mind that just because something is completely legal, doesn’t mean our Justice System won’t put you in prison for doing it. All the more reason his covert concealed carry tools are a felon’s best option ( ).
  • Bone Tactical’s very own EDC cank. One of the many sharp and effective Bone Tactical blades which is perfect for ease of concealment. 
  • El Sicario Covert Concealed Carry Shirt aids in the concealment of the other items on this list.
  • The Traveler’s Money Belt, useful for hiding large sums of cash, passports and other important documents. Anything which might get stolen or confiscated in a mugging or pat-down situation can easily be carried in this belt, which sits at the front of your person, just below the waist. A regular pair of gym shorts can hide the fact that you’re carrying the Traveler’s Money Belt and anything of value within it.
  • Bone Tactical Bone Opener Keychain. This is something that should be carried by everyone, felon or not. It’s a very handy multitool which can be brought anywhere in the world, as well as a clandestine force multiplier that won’t get you sent back to prison.
  • Wallet and cell phone.

    Just because many of a felon’s rights have been stripped doesn’t guarantee he’ll never be able to defend himself. There are always options, and this video has neatly lays out how a felon can work around his loss of rights.

Article by Dion Roloff

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